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What is the Difference?

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Our philosophy

Agriculture is becoming so industrialized that it is hard for the family farm to stay in business, and even harder to make a living to support our families. It is easier for the next generation to sell the land for development than to preserve it. It truly takes hard work to continue farming in the traditional sense.

Today, much of our commercial beef comes from large cattle operations, where the cattle are crammed together in small concrete pens, fed a diet of corn, and shot with growth hormones to make them grow artificially by putting on weight very quickly.


We Disagree!

We believe cattle should have plenty of room to graze and roam. They should be allowed to thrive in an environment that is natural to them. At Amazin Grazin Farm, we do not feed our cattle any grains or other filler diet, they love eating a healthy diet of grass and, in the winter, hay that has been grown in our own fields or locally sourced.

Our cattle are also grass finished! This is very important to understand, many farms claiming to have grass fed cattle will feed them grass while growing but finish them in a feed lot on grain just before they are processed.


We enjoy being out in our pastures, watching our cattle eating grass and talking amongst themselves about how happy they are here! We genuinely care about their well being and strive to keep them as happy and healthy as possible.

We know you will feel great about your purchase from Amazin Grazin because:

  • You are buying local, our farm is located in Greencastle, PA.

  • You are getting high quality, fully grass-fed beef, no grain finishing here!

  • You are supporting a small family farm that cares about animal welfare and well-being.

  • You are part of a movement! Step away from the factory-farmed beef fed unnatural diets and raised in unnatural environments and step forward into the past!


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